Spellgun: Clash of Gods

One of the most popular mobile strategy games is finally available for iPhone! Spellgun's awesome looking Clash of God's has some of the best graphics you can find on a mobile strategy game, and with original music, sound design and voice over provided by Clean Cuts, we like to think it sounds pretty good too! Download it from the iTunes store today.

LG Dev Shop: Darblez

Clean Cuts is proud to have provided original music and sound design on LG Dev Shop’s new mobile multiplayer game Darblez. Available for download now at the Google Play and the iTunes stores right now!

Hidden Path Entertainment Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition

March was a huge month for game lovers as we leapt into the future with the launch of the Oculus Rift. Clean Cuts is proud to have provided sound design for Hidden Path Entertainment's exciting first Virtual Reality game, Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition. Check the official Oculus store page and trailer here and be one of the first to play the game!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Clean Cuts is proud to have worked with Microsoft to update the sounds for their hugely popular Microsoft Solitaire Collection which comes pre-installed on Windows 10. Enjoy the latest and greatest version of one of the most played video games in history!!

Spellgun, Clash of Gods

Take part in an epic adventure as the ancient gods aid you to victory! Clean Cuts was excited to provide Original Music, Sound Design, Voice casting and direction for Spellgun's epic new 3D strategy mobile game Clash of Gods. Choose your favorite deity and crush your enemies into dust when you download it for your Android device today.

Storm8, Frozen Frenzy Mania

Storm8’s latest game Frozen Frenzy Mania features incredibly addictive Match 3 game play in an ice cream-filled land with custom sound design and original music from Clean Cuts. Check out their official website here and download it on your mobile today!

Storm8, Hungry Babies Mania

Baby animals of the world are hungry, and they’re waiting for YOU to feed them! We're proud to have provided sound design for Storm8's new match-three game Hungry Babies Mania. Download here today and match tasty treats through hundreds of puzzles across the globe to feed and befriend a herd of bouncing babies!' From the sun-baked savannah, to the icy arctic, explore this new free match-three puzzle game today!

Visual Concepts, NBA2K

Congrats to the Visual Concepts team for achieving such amazing sales of NBA2K16 this year! 4 million copies in its first week of shipping make it the best selling NBA game of all time. Thanks guys for allowing us to play a part in such an awesome success. Get in the game and check out the website today. #NBA2K16

Sanzaru, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog is back and he’s going to be hotter (and cooler) than ever! Clean Cuts worked with Sanzaru and SEGA to provide custom sound design and audio implementation on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. We’re looking forward to Sonic and the gang to running, jumping and hammering their way through the newest adventure on the Nintendo 3DS when its released later this year.

Daily Magic, Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection

Magic and mystery await you in Daily Magic's newest Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection. CC original music, sound design, and audio implementation bring this game to life -- which is saying a lot because in this Hidden Object Adventure game the whole house has come alive.
Download Phantom Reflection now at Big Fish!

PlayNext, Nova Smash

Are you ready to save the omniverse, SMASHERS? Playnext’s new galactic adventure game is Nova Smash! Download today for addictive arcade gameplay with custom sound design and original music from CCCL

Big Fish, Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian™ Castle

Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian™ Castle. is here with more secrets and challenges for you to face. We worked VO magic and a character photo shoot. For more adventure, head to Big Fish Games!

Daily Magic, Dark Dimensions: Homecoming

It’s time to return to the original scene of the crime, welcome to Dark Dimensions: Homecoming. Daily Magic’s scary-popular Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game returns in its newest and dare we say darkest dimension yet. Lush graphics, twisted puzzlers, and plenty of mystery await you in Barton Mansion--the site of your parents strange disappearance. CC worked our own magic with original music, sound design, and audio implementation to bring this haunted investigation to life. Discover the truth now at Big Fish.

Brownie Interactive Studios, Starband Troopers

Starband Troopers has landed! Brownie Interactive Studios used 8 original CC tracks and 3 CCML hits to bring this sonic sci-fi adventure to your ears. Are you ready to rock? Download this epic music-RPG now!

Sanzaru, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Sonic and the whole gang are back today in the newest release from Sanzaru and Sega! Clean Cuts crafted custom sound design and handled audio implementation for “Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal” for Nintendo 3DS. Take it for a spin today!

2K Sports, NBA2K15

NBA 2K franchise hits the courts again with a true game changer. NBA 2K15 has arrived with unbelievable graphics and an on-point gameplay experience in a league all its own. CC is proud to mix it up with 2K Sports, editing in-game dialogue for all your favorite NBA stars. #YourTimeHasCome to get in the game with #NBA2K15 now!

Big Fish, Panda PandaMonium

Big Fish serves up its newest puzzle game that's pawsitively packed with personality: Panda PandaMonium! Big Fish injects magic, obstacles, new worlds, dragons, and of course, plenty of pandas into their reinvention of the classic game of Mahjong. Original music, sound design, and implementation by the Clean Cuts crew make Panda PandaMonium sparkle with life. Prepared for unlimited amounts of fun? Download Panda PandaMonium today!

Slingo, Slingo Party

It's fresh, it's multiplayer, it has over 60 million unique playing possibilities: Welcome to Slingo Party! CC sound design and original music shine as you go head to head with players from around the world. Join a party and take a spin today!

PlayNext, Assassin’s Creed Memories

History is your battlefield. Assassin’s Creed Memories has arrived! PlayNext and Ubisoft have fused the adventure of the Assassin’s Creed series with card battle, RPG and strategy gameplay. Add in original music and sound design by Clean Cuts, and you’ve got one downright gnarly mobile game.
Download Assassin’s Creed Memories now!

INdT, Wake Woody Infinity

Wake Woody and INdT are back in the endlessly fun "Wake Woody Infinity". Jump higher, perform wicked tricks, earn power-ups, and engage with millions of players all over the globe. Immersive original music, sound design, and audio implementation produced by Clean Cuts take this wake-boarding pup to new heights. Check out the game’s info on INdT’s website and at the stores.

PlayNext, Barcode Football

Kick the season into high gear with Barcode Football from PlayNext! CC composed original music for the world's very first barcode-scanning football management mobile game. Daily tournaments, elite leagues, and international superstars are just few taps away! Score Barcode Football now on your mobile app store.

Daily Magic, Sable Maze 3: Forbidden Garden

Welcome back to the third installment in Daily Magic's Sable Maze series. Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden is out now, with gorgeous graphics, puzzles, and secrets for you to explore. CC handled original music, sound design, and audio implementation for this labyrinthine Hidden Object Adventure game. Enter the Forbidden Garden now at Big Fish!

Daily Magic, Ominous Objects: Family Portrait

Daily Magic is back with a new release! Ominous Objects: Family Portrait has arrived, jam-packed with new mysteries and puzzles for you to solve. CC original music, sound design, and audio implementation bring your castle --and its dark secrets -- to life. Download Family Portrait now at Big Fish!

Hidden Path Entertainment, Windborne

Prepare to be blown-away by Windborne the next-level sandbox creation release from the veteran game developers at Hidden Path. Customize your own vibrant world, build a new civilization, or just relax with your friends on a sandy beach. Brought to life with sound design by Clean Cuts, Windborne is sure to sweep you off your feet. Unlock limitless possibilities with Windborne available now on Steam Early Access.

Red Aphid, House on Usher

Are you ready for the House on Usher? Venture into the depths of suburbia and 1970's polyester with the newest and quirkiest hidden object adventure game from Red Aphid! Clean Cuts composed original music, sound designed, and provided casting for this Poe-inspired puzzler. Ready to crack the case? Download House on Usher now on Big Fish Games.

Big Fish, Fairway Solitaire Blast

Big Fish’s devilishly clever gopher is at it again with Fairway Solitaire Blast! Tee up with your friends and get ready to play through the courses with McDivot and all the challenges golf has to offer! A twist on traditional solitaire, Blast is the newest game in the hit Fairway Solitaire franchise. Clean Cuts provided original music, sound design, and everyone’s favorite gopher voice. Blast is Big Fish’s latest Free-to-Play game for Apple, Android, and Amazon!

Daily Magic & Big Fish, Dark Dimensions: Somber Song

The latest from Daily Magic Productions and Big Fish has arrived! Dark Dimensions: Somber Song is the 4th chapter in Daily Magic's hidden-object puzzle adventure series. Like its predecessors, Somber Song continues to blur the lines between reality and fantasy in unexpected ways. Clean Cuts created compelling sound design, a haunting original score inspired by music of previous games, and handled all audio implementation. To begin your battle with evil spirits in a town full of secrets, head to Big Fish's website to download.

National Geographic Channel, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Millions tuned in to a triumphant return 30 years in the making. The show? Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. This season, host Neil deGrasse Tyson leads viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through space and time in a reboot of one of the most popular science storytelling shows of all time. Accompanying the show is a series of behind-the-scenes "Deeper Dive" videos, in which Clean Cuts & Cerebral Lounge edited, created graphics, and crafted sound design and mix. This bonus material reveals the secrets behind the visual effects, animation, and storytelling techniques that bring this truly unique series to life. Featuring interviews with Executive Producers Seth MacFarlane and Ann Druyan as well as host Neil deGrasse Tyson, viewers can take a deeper dive into Cosmos. Check out the "Deeper Dives” here or watch during the 10pm Monday night broadcasts. Only on the National Geographic Channel.

Science Channel, Outrageous Acts of Science

Clean Cuts did sound design and mix for this wicked spot launching a new season of Outrageous Acts of Science. Honestly, we'll just let it speak for itself.

Fetch is up for the Mobile Game of the Year DICE Award!

We’d like to give a huge shout-out to our friends at Big Fish Games! Their popular game, Fetch, is a finalist for Mobile Game of the Year at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ DICE Awards! Celebrity hosts Felicia Day and Freddie Wong will announce the winner at a ceremony in Las Vegas on February 6th. Clean Cuts created original music, sound design, and cast/produced the voices for the “fetching” mobile game. Good luck Big Fish!

Marvel and Aeria Mobile, X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Aeria Mobile and Marvel Entertainment released a new game for iPhone which celebrates 50 years of America’s favorite team of mutant Super Heroes. Based on the timeless struggle between good and evil, X-Men: Battle of the Atom exhibits amazing artwork, gripping stories, and features X-gene heroes Wolverine, Storm, and Beast, as well as villains Magneto, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. Clean Cuts created original music and sound design for the game, now available on iTunes!

Discovery, Klondike

Discovery’s first scripted mini-series, Klondike, premiered this Monday, January 20th, to an audience of over 3 million. Written and executive produced by Paul Scheuring, Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker, the series tells the story of two childhood best friends living on the verge of the Yukon gold rush of the 1890’s. Clean Cuts sound designed and mixed a spot for the launch. We’re so excited for our friends at Discovery about the show’s success!

Clean Cuts' Original Music at CES!

Clean Cuts' original music was heard by hundreds at the Opening Keynote of CES last week! Check out the video (created by 15Four) that kicked off the event!

National Geographic Channel, Brain Games "Portals"

We think it’s pretty cool how color affects your brain, and how physical geometry makes people sexier. Feeling out of the loop? Tune into Brain Games, and let it blow your mind with facts about, well, your mind! Clean Cuts composed original music for this spot launching a whole new season on National Geographic, and check out their site for more games, trivia, and more.

And, visit The Client Blog, where NGC's Andy Baker discusses projects from the client's POV. His latest post, "How to Keep Clients Happy in the Video and Photography Industry" talks about what went into making the Brain Games promos. Clean Cuts is mentioned in the "Final Promos" section!

Nat Geo Wild, The Incredible Dr. Pol Returns

The Incredible Dr. Pol kicks off its return to Nat Geo Wild with a unique re-performance of a soul cinema classic theme song (recorded by Clean Cuts). Can you dig it?

Stumblesoft, Nick & Jane

Do you have what it takes to survive the multipocalypse? Test your grit with Stumblesoft’s newest release, Nick & Jane. Explore 5 different apocalypse-threatened worlds, fight through 25 levels of humanity-saving challenges, earn power-ups, and other awesome extras! CC cast/produced the voices, sound designed, and handled implementation with the Unity audio engine.

Velocity, 12 Days of Velocity

Kick the holidays into high gear with the The 12 Days of Velocity! Clean Cuts recorded a unique version of this winter classic that’ll really get the egg nog pumping through your veins. Take a listen and let the checkered flag fly!

Benzo Creative / Bravo, Frozen

Have you seen Frozen yet? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have! Bravo called in Benzo Creative to gab with Kim and Kyle Richards about Disney’s newest blockbuster. Check out one of the seven spots from the stunt on Bravo, written and directed by Benzo’s Jennifer Sarlin, with editing and graphics embellishment by Cerebral Lounge and sound design by Clean Cuts.

God Loves Uganda on the Shortlist for Oscar

According to Variety, God Loves Uganda is on the shortlist for Best Documentary at the Academy Award this year. Clean Cuts contributed sound mixing to the feature-length doc!

Benzo Creative / Discovery, Dude, You're Screwed!

What if your buddies kidnapped and abandoned you in the world’s harshest environment? That’s just what a hardcore crew of survival experts do to each other in Discovery’s new show Dude, You’re Screwed! Check out the show open created, along with the launch campaign, by Benzo Creative. Cerebral Lounge provided editing and graphics and Clean Cuts sound designed and mixed.

Nat Geo Wild, Big Cat Week 2013

After you’ve had your lion’s share of turkey, tune in Friday, November 29th to get your share of lions on Nat Geo Wild with the premiere of Big Cat Week 2013. CL scratched the edit, CC roared up sound design and mix for the Event Sells and the topicals. Sorry for all the puns, cat’s got our tongue. Okay we’re not sorry.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids PSA

Clean Cuts created intricate sound design for this powerful PSA. Take a look, and listen, then join the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in their cause.

Science Channel's The Challenger Disaster brings in the most viewers of 2013!

Science Channel drew in its largest viewership of 2013 with The Challenger Disaster, the scripted feature about scientist Dr. Richard Feynman and his investigation of the 1986 space shuttle crash. CC/CL edited, sound designed/mixed several TV promos & radio spots which lead up to the premiere. Simulcast on Science and Discovery, the film brought in almost 2 million viewers, according to Variety. Congratulations to our friends at Science!

Promax Sports Media Marketing Summit & Awards

Clean Cuts & Cerebral Lounge will be attending the Promax Sports Media Marketing Summit & Awards this Tuesday, November 19th in New York City. Hope to see you there!

Musicwood is New York Times Critics' Pick!

We are so excited for our friends at The Musicwood Documentary: their film has just been named Critics' Pick by the New York Times! Read the article.

Musicwood is a documentary about the ongoing battle for control of the rainforest, and how the music industry is being affected by environmental laws. Starting Friday, it has and will continue to be screened at the Quad Cinema in New York City until Thursday, November 7th. It's also available on iTunes.

For more info, visit, Facebook:, or Twitter: @MusicwoodDoc.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Beneficial Bank, Escrow

These may quite literally be the most literal spots we've ever done. Cerebral Lounge & Clean Cuts tackled some tough financial terms with visual effects, sound design and music for three Beneficial Bank spots. Watch one of them here!

Golf Channel, The Longest Drive

What does the world’s longest drive sound like? Clean Cuts revved it up for our friends at Golf Channel. See if you can guess the speedway announcer voice!

2013 AIDS Walk Washington a Success!

CC and CL composed original music & edited a PSA from Brand-Aid for AIDS Walk Washington 2013. The Walk took place this past weekend, and was a huge success. Great cause, great people (and we even got a shoutout!).

Wild Blue screening at the Alexandria Film Festival!

Wild Blue (CC mixed) will be screening at the Alexandria Film Festival, November 7-10! Check out the full list.

Clean Cuts in a Panel at AES 2013

Clean Cuts engineer Jared Bartlett spoke on a panel discussion AES New York 2013 about audio production processes, and his experience as a sound designer! He was joined by such prodigious audio mavens as Jonathan Wyner (Mastering Engineer, M-Works Mastering), Chris Shaw (Engineer and Producer: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen). Check out more info about iZotope Presents: Tips from a Pro:LIVE! Audio Woes in Music and Post Production!

Starz, The Take

Want to know which movies are coming out in theaters each week? Tune in to "The Take" on Starz. CC created the original music, sound design and a 5.1 mix for the series package – check out the open!

NESN, NHL, Boston Bruins 2013/2014

Any Boston sports fans out there? If you’re tuning in to catch the Bs on NESN, then you’ve heard the epic original music package we created for the Boston Bruins broadcasts. Will they go to the cup final again this year?

Audi of America, Audi R8-Performance in the Details

Want to go zero-to-60 in 3.3 seconds? Experience the 2014 Audi R8 and S tronic through this video Clean Cuts sound designed/mixed for Audi of America.

BrandAid/AIDS Walk Washington, Face the Facts/Walk the Walk

CC & CL edited, made gfx, and composed original music for this groundbreaking spot for the Washington AIDS Walk 2013. Are you ready to walk the Walk?

NGC International, Vinnie Jones: Russia's Toughest

Think you’re tough enough? Check out the new NGC International series, Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest, where the football hard man/movie star takes on some of the most dangerous jobs in Russia. CC created traditional Kalinka tracks, sound designed, and mixed the launch campaign.

Clean Cuts worked on an Emmy winner!

The Emmy has landed! National Geographic Channel’s Space Dive won Outstanding Science Program at the 34th Annual News and Documentaries Emmy. Clean Cuts recorded Liev Schreiber and created the 5.1 mix for the program.

FunLoop, Nuclear Meltdown

Assemble your response team and play FunLoop’s new iOS game, Nuclear Meltdown. Work together with you squad of 2-4 players to disarm bombs and save the world! Clean Cuts composed the theme track and created custom sound design. Your mission impossible begins now.

Ourisman, Kicking Tires

You may have seen this spot from SmithGifford and Ourisman on TV this weekend, "Kicking Tires." Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts shot, edited, made graphics, keyed, composited, sound designed/mixed and provided a CCML track.

Plexonic, Cassandra's 11

Want to be told your fortune? Plexonic’s newest mobile game, Cassandra’s 11, makes you work for it! Solve the puzzles by tapping cards to sum up 11, and you’re one step closer to knowing your destiny. But, run out of moves, and the charming psychic will leave your future unseen. Clean Cuts composed the mystical music and created sound design. Come close, and gaze into the crystal ball.

Blue Campaign, Crash Into Reality

The Blue Campaign is a program by the Department of Homeland Security dedicated to ending human trafficking. Elevation, Cerebral Lounge, and Clean Cuts all worked together on a PSA to help spread the word. The announcement (including the PSA) even made it onto the White House blog! So happy to be a part of this great cause.

Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures

In their 100th episode, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures is exploring the legendary house that inspired The Exorcist. We sound designed/mixed the promo, which was featured in Entertainment Weekly!

Olive Entertainment, Wild Blue

Wild Blue, a film we sound designed and mixed, is now available on IndieFlix. The movie by Olive Entertainment will also be screening at the Twin Cities film fest in Minneapolis this October.

Science, Mythbusters

Clean Cuts busted-out a remake of a legendary hip hop track for Mythbusters, Saturdays on Science. Get ready to break it down!

Big Fish, Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery

Clean Cuts is excited to have composed haunting original music and sound design for Big Fish’s latest release, Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery for the PC and IOS. Set in ghostly New Orleans in the roaring 20’s, the critically acclaimed game fuses Hidden Object challenges with strategic simulated world creation, encouraging players to beautify their manor in order to get access to more Hidden Object gameplay. For the first time ever, players can play anywhere, and pick up where they left off on any PC or iOS device by simply logging into Dark Manor via Facebook.

Jeff Juliano comes to Clean Cuts!

Our engineers had a great time last night hanging with renowned mixer Jeff Juliano (O.A.R, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, and others). Jeff shared lot of tips and tricks; everything from drum tuning to 2-bus compression. His enthusiasm was contagious and it is always great to spend time with equally passionate pros! Thanks for coming out Jeff!

Black Wolf Auto, Any Car

Black Wolf Auto can repair any car from any era. Script, concept, animation, score & sound design on the animated TV spot by the creative-mechanics at Clean Cuts & Cerebral Lounge.

National Geographic Channel, Doomsday Castle

Have you been spending too much time watching Game of Thrones and not enough time preparing for the apocalypse? Maybe you should tune in to National Geographic’s new series, Doomsday Castle, for the best of both worlds. Cerebral Lounge cut some sizzles, and Clean Cuts sound designed/mixed.

Discovery, Naked and Afraid

Benzo Creative produced the series sell + topicals for the season of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid. Cerebral Lounge edited, designed graphics, and censored some of the nakedness (you're welcome). Clean Cuts sound designed/created 5.1 mix.

National Geographic Channel, Inside the American Mob

Clean Cuts sound designed and mixed the intense promo for National Geographic’s Inside the American Mob, which premiered at the end of July. Get a rare, disturbing glimpse at the inner workings of the modern mafia.

DoubleTree, DTour

Get inspired and plan a summer adventure via DTour! Cerebral Lounge & Clean Cuts helped DoubleTree introduce their first-of-its-kind YouTube channel where travelers share photos, videos, and opinions about favorite destinations, directly from multiple social media platforms. We created concepts, scripts, gfx, a CCML track/sound design, a catchy mnemonic, and cast VO for the innovative web campaign. Discover your next adventure here: DTour.

National Geographic Channel, Diggers

National Geographic brings you some “summertime nectar” with a new season of Diggers! Cerebral Lounge handled edit, graphics, and shot the stop-motion end animation for the promo. Clean Cuts sound designed/mixed.

HGTV, Brother vs. Brother

HGTV’s hottest twins launched a new renovation competition show this season, Brother vs. Brother. Check out the movie-trailer-like open. Clean Cuts created the cinematic original music, sound design and mix!

PBS Primetime, Call the Midwife 2/Mr Selfridge Combo

Everyone is excited for the announcement of the 3rd season of Sherlock, but while you wait, why not catch up on some of the other popular series on PBS Masterpiece, like Mr Selfridge (starring Jeremy Piven from Entourage), or Call the Midwife? Here’s one of the eight combo spots Cerebral Lounge cut and created graphics, with sound design and mix from Clean Cuts.

ID, I Was Murdered

Did you know that we do production as well as post? Check out the chilling open for ID's I Was Murdered, which Cerebral Lounge shot, edited, and created the ominous effects. Clean Cuts composed original music, mixed and sound designed.

Science, Strip the City

Clean Cuts re-recorded Starship’s “We Built This City,” sound designed and mixed the launch promo for Science's new show, Strip The City. Rock out!

PlayFirst, Deep Sea Deli

"Seafood" takes on a whole new meaning in PlayFirst's new mobile puzzle game, Deep Sea Deli. Help Narly the Narwhal fill sandwich orders for his "sea-lebrity" customers by quickly connecting deli ingredients for big combos. Make sure you clear the board, or Narly's buddy Hungry Hoover gets to eat the leftovers! Clean Cuts created the fin-tastic original music and sound design for both the full game and the opening cinematic.

FunLoop, High School Fashion: Makeover Salon

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder in FunLoop’s newest iOS game, High School Fashion: Makeover Salon. Pick a model to style with your best (or worst) hair, makeup, and outfit ideas. Send a picture of your snappy new pal to your friends, then journal about her life as a high school student. Clean Cuts fashioned the sound design and Clean Cuts Music Library provided the rockin’ track.

Bring on the lipstick!

Self Aware Games, Bingo!

In Bingo!, Self Aware Games' new multiplayer take on an old classic, you and your teammates try your luck to beat out the competition! Clean Cuts sound designed and mixed this interactive game for iOS, and composed the lighthearted background track.

Will you hit the jackpot?

Tetris Online, Inc., Bubble Pop Battle

Put your bubble-popping talents to the test in Tetris Online, Inc's Bubble Pop Battle! Simply match three bubbles of the same color to POP them. The more bubbles you pop, the more attacks you send to your opponent. Enjoy the laid-back original theme and casually splendid sound design by Clean Cuts!

Realore Studios, Jet Trains

All aboard Realore Studios' newest mobile game, Jet Trains! Avenge your father's "accidental" death by defeating the evil General Hellhoffen in a train race! Clean Cuts cast and produced the hilarious voiceover for this whistle-blowing game, and the CCML provided the racing music!

Start your tank engines!

Big Fish, Fetch

How far would you go to save your best friend? Big Fish Studios' newest mobile game tells the tale of a young boy who’ll stop at nothing to rescue his kidnapped dog. Designed and developed by the same team responsible for the award-winning Drawn series, Fetch relates to adults and children alike with its retro-futuristic art style, touch-screen technology, and addictive arcade mini-games. Be the first to play Fetch, which has its own exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle.

Cerebral Lounge concepted, edited and provided graphics for the trailer. Clean Cuts created original music, sound design, and cast/produced the voices for the trailer and full game, out today!

FunLoop, Dusty the Digger

Help Dusty the Digger build new homes and playgrounds for all of his friends in FunLoop’s mobile interactive children’s book, Dusty the Digger. Meet and play with new friends across each of the five chapters, including bunnies, bees, and even snowmen! Clean Cuts crafted the catchy theme music and whimsical sound design, and cast/produced the voiceover.

Put your hard hat on!

HitPoint Studios & Microsoft Studios, ADERA Episode 3: Escape Into the Light

The adventure continues with HitPoint Studios and Microsoft Studios’ recently released third episode of ADERA. While some questions about the mysterious island are answered, new intrigue is brought to light. Episode 1: The Shifting Sands has been ranked #3 on the Windows store list of top games, and Episode 2: The Shadow Path was released in December with continued high star-ratings. Clean Cuts provided content in all areas of audio including original music, sound design, and voice casting.

Take a look at Pocketables' glowing review of Episode 3: Escape Into the Light, and then explore the Episode 1: The Shifting Sands intro.